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11 easy steps to paint a cactus with watercolor


Hi! I just made a video on how to paint a cactus with watercolor. It’s really easy, so if you are just starting you can make it too. All the steps are clearly described, and you will see that once you get the idea, is just repeating the same process in each piece.


To make it even easier, I’m posting in the newsletter the black and white drawing. If you are already subscribed you will get it on your email, and if not, just register in it and you can get it there.

It’s a Pdf. in A4 format, with 3 repeated cactus so you can practice on it. Print it on a 300 gsm watercolor paper for better results.


Can’t wait to see your results! If you are making this project, please upload your pictures to instagram and tag me @goodobjects #goodobjects so I can see them!

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I’m doing some tutorials on how to draw and paint some of my favorite objects on snapchat. Have you seen them? Already done one of pineapples, and pizza… thinking about which object should come next… any ideas?

snapchat: goodobjects

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