Watercolor basics

  • 11 easy steps to paint a cactus with watercolor

    Hi! I just made a video on how to paint a cactus with watercolor. It’s really easy, so if you are just starting you can make it too. All the steps are clearly described, and you will see that once you get the idea, is just repeating the same process in each piece. To make… Read more »
  • Watercolor painting a blue wrap dress

    watercolor video
    A quick video painting with watercolors a blue wrap dress. I used Indigo watercolor with lots of water to achieve a denim looking color.
  • Monstera leaf – Watercolor speedpainting

    monstera leaf watercolor
    Check out this new show video painting a monstera leaf. Only mixed two colors: Deep Green and Payne’s Grey. I always leave some white spaces to create the shinny effect.